Star, my Bernese Mountain Dog is my companion, by my side in my studio in West Concord, Massachusetts. It is here that I guide a piece of silver through the many stages of development to become a finished piece. I find the final polishing and finishing techniques are the most rewarding part of the process, because it is here that I see my work come to life as a sparkling piece of jewelry, a holiday ornament, or a specialty gift.

Many of my design inspirations come from my love of celestial images and the natural world around us.  It was this love that initiated my first star and sunburst pendants 35 years ago; other designs soon followed and are always being created.  Customers suggested ideas such as combining the star and moon dangle earrings, and the wide variety of dog breed pins, pendants and earrings.  I greatly appreciate customers’ feedback for new images and ways to expand on my ideas and designs.

Over the years I have received my silversmithing education from DeCordova Museum and School in Lincoln, Massachusetts.  There I had learned not only from my two instructors, Florence Hollingsworth and Cindy Eid, but also my skilled peers, who have influenced me in both technique and critical thought as I approach my work.  I was surrounded by great talent that continues to inspire me. If there is a special request that you may have, I will be happy to discuss that with you.  Please feel free to call me.